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Hobbies To Try If You Suck At Hobbies

1. Upcycle everything you own. Trends With Benefits / Via Crafting can be hella theraputic, and upcycling means turning the trash that’s sitting in your house into treasure. Once you successfully upcycle one thing you own, you’re bound to want to continue with everything in your possession. For online resources, check out upcycle boards on Pinterest. Then look at Upcycle […]

Facts About Hobbies

7 benefits of having a hobby

For years, Positively Present was my hobby. I spent hours and hours on the weekends drafting posts, searching for images, and envisioning how I wanted the site to look. When I took my hobby and made it my full-time job, there was a hole of sorts in my life. While I still worked on Positively […]

Facts About Hobbies

Facts You Must Understand About Your Hobbies

Your Hobbies Do Not Define You But they do tell others a lot about what you think is important. Your Hobbies Come at a Great Cost Even more than money, consider the time that your hobbies take up. You can always earn more money, but once your time is spent you will never get it back. Choose wisely. Your […]

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Why Hobbies Are Important

Having a hobby that we enjoy brings us joy and enriches our lives. It gives us something fun to do during our leisure time and affords us the opportunity to learn new skills. We are very fortunate to have so many different options out there today. In fact, there are entire websites devoted to hobbies […]

Facts About Hobbies Featured


Everyone has different hobbies. It can be doing things, making things, collecting things or learning things. You are doing it to relax or to belong. Some people like to dress up as anime characters while others collect coins. Some think a little bit outside the box and take up hobbies you might not even know […]